Dave and myself were looking for a relaxed wedding. It was never anything I dreamed of but knew I wanted to do something to celebrate our love! I didn’t really agree with the formalities of marriage.

Ramster was such a great find as a lovely location to bring guest to and escape. Food is a massive love of ours and we really wanted our guest to be able to enjoy what they wanted in a buffet style- I love having choice and not having to pick one thing!

Initially we were quite worried that Jacaranda food would be too nice! However, with your own account manager you will get what you are looking for. It was really great to have this contact though out and I wasn’t expecting them to be as helpful and involved in all aspects of the wedding as they were which was a massive relief!

We went for the buffet which was perfect 😊 Jess even saved our wedding cake which didn’t survive it’s hot journey! She made sure everything went smoothly and that Dave and myself really could enjoy the day fully.


Photographer: Victoria Creer

Venue: Ramster Hall, Chiddingfold

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